MENACTRIMS is an independent non-profit scientific organizationthat facilitates communication and creates synergies amongclinicians and scientists to promote and enhance research andimprove clinical outcomes in multiple sclerosis (MS). The main objectives of the organization are as follows:

  • To support and promote basic and clinical research in multiple sclerosis in the Middle East and North Africa regions
  • To act as representative of the multiple sclerosis research community
  • To be actively involved in coordinating initiatives in the field of research both in our region and worldwide in collaboration with national and international MS organizations
  • To establish National and Regional MS registries and to collaborate database in order to formulatea large MS registry
  • To develop regular updated guidelines pertaining to diagnosis and therapy of MS in this region
  • To organize at least bi-annual congresses in the field of treatment and research in multiple sclerosis
  • To encourage young researchers in the field of multiple sclerosis.
  • To collaborate with relevant national and local associations in the region to enhance MENACTRIMS mission.

For more information please visit (website under development) www.menactrims.org